Bobcat launches its largest excavator: 15-ton E145 is strong, nimble and durable

Updated Sep 25, 2020
The new E145 is Bobcat’s largest excavator model yet. Photo: Wayne Grayson/Equipment WorldThe new E145 is Bobcat’s largest excavator model yet. Photo: Wayne Grayson/Equipment World

Combining power with maneuverability, Bobcat has launched its largest excavator yet, the 15-metric-ton E145.

The E145 is a reduced tail swing, long carriage class excavator that is designed to offer a high degree of maneuverability. The longer carriage improves lift performance, Bobcat says, adding that the E145 boasts industry-leading lifting capacity. With this machine Bobcat is delivering an excavator it says can handle the most challenging tasks while also staying nimble at only 12 inches of tail swing.

Bobcat designed the E145 for use in heavy digging and lifting operations on commercial and residential jobsites, road, bridge, and underground utility projects.

The company says it expects the machine to draw new customers while increasing its reach with current customers.

The machine features a dual-flange track roller system that extends the undercarriage structure closer to the track’s edge. The added stability of this design, plus a new integrated counterweight, increases lift-over-side capacity. It also improves over-the-side digging performance and slewing ability.

The E145 can also be equipped with an optional dozer blade for added digging stability and leveling ability on uneven surfaces.

Bobcat E145 excavator

Bobcat is launching the E145 in response to customer demand and the machine will be offered with a full range of Bobcat branded buckets and a breaker for demolition.

The excavator is powered by a 115 hp turbocharged Perkins engine. Emissions regulations are met by a DOC, SCR system that doesn’t require DPF.

The engine offers four power modes, allowing operators to tailor operation to prioritize fuel consumption or power. In addition to the work modes, there’s a power-boost button for a temporary increase hydraulic power.

Bobcat E145 excavator

Bobcat says the cab on the E145 has the lowest noise and vibration levels in the industry thanks to a fully isolated design and sound absorption materials. Plus, the new D-channel design adds strength to the machine’s ability to withstand side impacts.

Further reinforcement features for durability include:

  • Hard wear plates at the attachment connecting pins that eliminate side play for extended service intervals on bucket pin-up points.
  • Track pin links that are permanently sealed and never need lubrication
  • An automatic belt tensioner maintains constant tension on the engine accessory belt, compensating for regular wear and maintaining the performance excavator operators demand.
  • Every major pin joint on the boom and arm is cast
  • Reinforced cast steel pin bosses provide extra strength for the tough working conditions.

Bobcat E145 excavator

The cab also features a heated, air ride seat, standard rear-view and side-view cameras and a standard 7-inch color monitor. This new Bobcat Touch display gives operators access to detailed machine information. And can be navigated with touch or jog dial. The touchscreen is waterproof, can be used with gloves and has is scratch resistant. The cab also features a Bluetooth Audio system for hands-free phone calls and music.

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Bobcat E145 excavator