BOMAG intros 10-foot pavers with dual swingout stations for better visibility

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Updated Jul 21, 2019
BOMAG CR 1030 W wheeled paverBOMAG CR 1030 W wheeled paver

BOMAG’s new line of highway-class wheeled and tracked pavers feature dual swingout operator stations and other innovations to give operators better views of their work.

The pavers’ introduction also streamlines the company’s 10-foot lineup from four pavers to two models – one wheeled, the CR 1030 W, and one with rubber tracks, the CR 1030 T.

They are designed for such projects as interstate and state highways, airports, heavy industrial and large commercial. They replace BOMAG’s CR 452, CR 552, CR 462 and CR 562 pavers.

The Sideview feature on the new pavers enables the seats and consoles to swivel out at four different angles so operators can better see down the sides and view the screed end gates. The operator can also see the screed’s spreading augers due to an open-grate design on the platform floor.


Each console has a new 7-inch multifunction, color screen display that shows operating functions, gauges, parameters and fault messages. And each new blade-type toggle switch controls a single paver function.

BOMAG designed the new pavers for quieter operation, with a sound-insulated composite engine hood. The hood’s design also furthers the focus on better views for the operators, allowing them to see the hopper from their seats.

The CR 1030 W has a 260-horsepower engine, and the CR 1030 T runs on 225 horsepower. Both engines meet Tier 4 Final emissions requirements.

The wheeled paver comes with a 16.7-ton hopper capacity, which can be expanded to 27 tons with an insert. The tracked paver’s standard hopper is 14 tons, with an optional insert expanding capacity to 22 tons.

Though the pavers replace legacy Cedarapids machines, they maintain some of the same popular features. Those include Frame Raise and Three-Point Suspension to reduce segregation, improve mat quality and boost traction, the company says. The CR 1030 T keeps the Smartrac system to automatically maintain correct track tension.

They both are equipped with BOMAG’s Stretch 20 screeds, which can be adjusted with electric-over-hydraulic controls and can be extended hydraulically to any width between 10 and 20 feet. For contractors needing wider paving capability, extensions to 30 feet are available.

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A Screed Assist System eliminates screed setting for better mat smoothness, and new hoses and wire harnesses are designed to improve the screed system’s durability, the company says.

The pavers also come with a free three-year subscription to BOMAG Telematic.