Philippi-Hagenbuch intros Autogate Tailgate for Komatsu rigid-frame trucks

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Updated Apr 12, 2019
Autogate Tailgate for Komatsu trucksAutogate Tailgate for Komatsu trucks

Philippi-Hagenbuch has designed its new Autogate Tailgate specifically for Komatsu rigid-frame trucks.

The tailgate bolts to the truck’s undercarriage. Installation does not require welding, so the tailgate won’t void Komatsu’s frame warranty, Phil says.

The tailgate can also be built up with Phil sideboards, which are available in one-inch increments from 6 to 40 inches high for additional capacity.

The Autogate and sideboards are designed to increase a truck’s capacity and also prevent the load from spilling. When the body dumps, the tailgate opens to allow material out.

Phil says it has also designed the Komatsu Autogate to address issues with the tailgate’s chain prematurely wearing and roller-box maintenance found on previous tailgates designed for Komatsu rigid-frame trucks.

The new Autogate is compatible with Komatsu’s HD405-8, HD465-8 and HD605-8 trucks. The company plans to introduce retrofit kits later this spring for older HD series trucks (-5, -7 and -7EO).

Options for the Autogate include body seals and cushion pads.