Bosch GLM400CL laser distance finder makes exterior measurements a breeze with color display

Updated Mar 7, 2019

Bosch Laser Distance Finder

Laser distance finders have been around for several years and have become quite popular for measuring building interiors. Their only drawback is they don’t do well at distances or outside because the laser dot can be hard to see.

Bosch has come up with a solution that’s perfect for outdoor work, commercial construction and big infrastructure projects. The new Bosch Blaze GLM400CL uses a laser for the measurement but puts a camera screen with a target on it on the front of the device. Push a button and whatever you have in the cross hairs of the target is what you measure—up to 400 feet. And that’s just the starting point of this device’s functionality.

The compact, 5 ½ inch GLM400CL will also take photos, calculate areas and volumes and transfer dimensions via Bluetooth using Bosch’s MeasureOn app. A built in inclinometer shows you the angle and pitch of the unit and when the device is level. It will also store up to 50 measurements and 600 images. It can also give you a continuous readout to measure objects that are moving

The camera has an adjustable 3X zoom, so you can focus in on a small element at a distance to make your measurements. The company claims measurements are accurate to +/- 1/16 inch. The backlit color display illuminates numbers for easy reading in low-light or no-light conditions. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes with a carrying case that you can hook onto your belt. Price is about $300.