Dynapac intros automated MF2500CS material transfer vehicle to North America

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Updated Mar 7, 2019
Dynapac’s MF2500CS on a jobsite in Okeechobee, FloridaDynapac’s MF2500CS on a jobsite in Okeechobee, Florida

Dynapac’s MF2500CS material transfer vehicles made their North American debut at the 2019 World of Asphalt—featuring automated operation, low fuel consumption and less maintenance.

Lasers on the MTV allow the operator to switch to auto mode, and the MTV’s conveyor will automatically keep the proper distance from the paver’s hopper.

“It’s all automatic,” says Marco Paris, Dynapac technical specialist, at the company’s World of Asphalt booth February 12. “He just puts it in gear; he hits one button. And if the paver were to stop, the MTV automatically stops. If (the paver) starts up again, it automatically takes off.”

MF2500CS with SwingAppMF2500CS with SwingApp

Sensors on the conveyor also automatically maintain the proper amount of material being fed to the paver’s hopper. “The operator doesn’t have to look back all the time,” Paris says. “He doesn’t even have to communicate with the paver operator because this thing automates everything.”

A sensor can also be placed on the front, so the MTV will automatically steer itself along a curb line or concrete barrier. “All the operator has to worry about is where the conveyor is,” he says.

Dynapac also automated the loading of the MTV. The operator hits a couple of buttons and lights flash to guide the truck driver. The lights alert the truck driver to stop and to dump the load. This feature eliminates the need for a worker on the ground to direct the backing of the truck, which can be a safety concern, especially during night conditions on a busy road.

The MF2500CS uses less than 2.5 gallons an hour of fuel, Paris says. That leads to savings of up to 70 percent for contractors, according to the company.

Owners will also save on maintenance cost, as the rubber conveyor can run an average of 3,500 hours—about two to three years—before it needs major maintenance, Paris says. A belt guard system sprays the belts clean, and belt scrapers remove asphalt, all of which increase belt life, Paris explains. When sections of the belt do require maintenance, those sections can be removed and replaced rather than having to replace the entire belt.

MF2500CS at 2019 World of Asphalt in IndianapolisMF2500CS at 2019 World of Asphalt in Indianapolis

The MF2500CS can transfer 4,000 tons an hour of material, and 2,000 an hour on the MF2500CS with SwingApp model. The SwingApp can swing the conveyor belt up to 55 degrees in any direction. This allows a variety of applications, including feeding two pavers side-by-side, feeding a paver from a different lane or filling medians.

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The MF2500CS’s conveyor wings can be contracted to give a transport width of 8 feet 3 inches, which means it can be hauled without having to obtain a wide-load permit.

Other features of the MF2500CS include an operator’s station that can be raised 3 feet for better visibility of the paver operator and truck drivers; it can also swing out 90 degrees to either side for better visibility. The cab is designed to be quiet and cool. A large LCD screen provides camera feeds and diagnostic information.

The MTV is powered by a 225-horsepower Cummins QSB 6.7-C225 diesel engine and can reach operating speeds of more than 80 feet per minute and a transport speed of 2.5 mph.

It can not only handle asphalt, but stone, roller compacted concrete, and road base material.

Dynapac MF2500CS at 2019 World of AsphaltDynapac MF2500CS at 2019 World of Asphalt