Guy starting up this 60-year-old JCB backhoe is a moment of pure zen

Updated Feb 25, 2019

Guy starts up 60-year-old JCB backhoe

I don’t want to use to strong a word to describe this video, but there’s only one that came to mind as I was watching, so here goes: it’s enchanting.

As enchanting as heavy machinery videos can be, anyway.

Not one word is spoken in its 5 minutes and 38 seconds of runtime. Just the sound of birds tweeting, metal creaking and, eventually, the roar of a very old engine. In other words, it’s perfect.

According to the video’s description, this JCB tractor, made in 1959, had sat idle for two years prior to this being shot, which explains all the vegetation this guy has to get through just to open the hood. At the end of the video, a closeup of a plate on the machine listing its model information is shown. According to that plate, it’s a “JCB HYDRA DIGGA,” model no. 1059.

The quietness of the first half of this video combined with the beauty of seeing an old machine rise from overgrowth like a dinosaur fossil coming to life, is something special. Just a really nice, calming view as we head into the weekend. Check it out below.