Move some snow and ice with these 14 attachments for skid steers, UTVs, pickups, telehandlers

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Updated Jan 16, 2019

Push, plow, blow – pick your preferred method among these 14 attachments for removing snow and ice.


Protect landscaping from de-icing material

Boss Snowplow's Exact PathBoss Snowplow’s Exact Path drop spreader protects grass and landscaping when de-icing sidewalks by precisely applying material. The spreader fits UTVs, compact/sidewalk vehicles and tractors and comes in three mounting options. It features a stainless-steel hopper and frame and a polyethylene cover to keep materials dry and flowing. An eight-position adjustable feed-gate lever allows the operator to adjust material flow without tools. The top screen has a bag splitter that makes it easy to open bags, and it filters the de-icing material.

Throw snow high and wide

SnowEx V-PlowThe HDV heavy-duty V-plow from SnowEx is designed to throw snow at a high, wide angle. It has tall, flared wings and an integrated snow catcher that keeps snow from spilling over the top of the blades. Double-acting angle cylinders push and pull the wings forward and back when plowing and hold them firmly in place when back dragging. The HDV is also designed with flared moldboards that are reinforced by two angled power ribs. The plow comes in blade widths of 8.5 or 9.5 feet and in either powder-coated mild steel or stainless steel.

Efficiently move lots of snow

Tractor Plowing SnowThe I Series SnowLogix line of snow blowers from Loftness are designed to efficiently move large amounts of snow. They are available in widths of 9 and 10 feet and with two or three augers. They are made for large tractors with tall tires and feature 16-inch-diameter augers and an extra-large, 36-inch-diameter fans. Other features include chain drive, oversized gearbox, large bearings and thick steel construction. The standard hydraulically adjustable spout has a 14-inch diameter and cat rotate 270 degrees.

Scrape and squeegee snow

Pro-Tech Sno PusherThe Fusion Edge Sno Pusher by Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution allows operators to both squeegee wet heavy snow and scrape hard-packed snow, thanks to its combination steel and rubber cutting edge. Steel is infused into both sides of the edge, so when one side is worn, the edge can be flipped to continue plowing. The Fusion Edge can run for 350 to 500 hours of heavy use before it needs to be replaced, the company says. Its Pro-Float Coupler floats vertically, horizontally and oscillates, which allows the edge to contour to surface changes.

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Push, drag and plow with one device

Fox VersaPlowThe Fox VersaPlow allows operators to push, back drag and plow with a single unit. The attachment for skid steers and compact loaders combines the functions of a box-style containment pusher, a back-drag containment box and a conventional snowplow. Operators can change the plow’s configuration via hydraulic controls. It is available in 8- and 10-foot-wide blades and with a steel trip edge or urethane resilient-edge. It is designed for retail parking lots, apartments, municipal campuses and industrial areas.

Alternative to traditional plowing

Doosan Snow PusherDoosan’s snow pusher attachments are designed to give contractors and municipalities an alternative to buckets and traditional plowing when clearing parking lots and roads. The company’s bucket-mounted snow pusher attachments are designed for its 13- to 20-metric-ton wheel loaders and toolcarriers. The 12-foot-wide pusher weighs 2,200 pounds, and the 14-foot-wide version weighs 2,400 pounds. Other features include a 47-inch moldboard, a 1.5-inch rubber cutting edge to protect surfaces and high-grade steel skid shoes.

High-volume snow throwing

Volvo Snow Blower Attachment

The high-volume chute on Volvo’s hydraulic snow blower attachment for the company’s skid steers and compact track loaders can throw snow up to 45 feet. The chute is also poly-lined to prevent it from clogging with packed snow. The operator can control the chute electronically from inside the cab. Other features include replaceable tapered wear edges for easy maintenance and long life, adjustable skid shoes to handle all weather conditions, and a single auger motor for standard flow and dual auger motor for high flow.

Sectioned edge traverses obstacles

Case Sectional Snow PushWhen Case’s snow pushers come upon an obstacle, only a single section of the edge lifts while the remaining sections stay flush with the ground. This allows more snow to be removed on a first pass than with traditional pushers and plows, the company says. It also helps prevent equipment damage and helps reduce instances of property damage. And if a section becomes damaged, that single modular section can be replaced instead of replacing the entire pusher. The pushers’ Hardox 450 steel cutting edge provides clean pavement scraping, Case says.

Clear 22 tractor-trailer roofs per hour

Rockland Snow Edge 2The SnowEdge mounts on a telehandler or wheel loader and gently glides over the roof of a tractor trailer to remove snow and ice, helping truckers comply with state safety laws. It was invented by Canadian business owner Mark Irwin and is being manufactured and distributed by Rockland Manufacturing. The SnowEdge has three preset working positions that allow operators to clean, on average, 22 trailers per hour, Rockland says. A visible gauge ensures the proper amount of down pressure is being applied to the trailer roof. No hydraulics are involved.

Flotation and oscillation

Bobcat Plowing SnowBobcat uses flotation and oscillation of the moldboard on its snow pusher attachment to prevent damage to sensitive surfaces and traverse obstacles. The snow pusher remains in contact with the ground without damaging equipment or property, such as decorative surfaces. The blade floats to follow ground contours. And on flat surfaces, the blade position can remain fixed to clear hard-packed snow and ice. The company says the pusher’s open bottom and wide body deliver more pushing power and can clean larger areas with fewer stops.

Remove snow or light dirt

John Deere with V-Blade AttachmentJohn Deere Snow Utility V-Blades offer four hydraulic angles for a variety of snow clearing tasks and light dirt work on roads, trails and jobsites. Designed for Deere’s and competitors’ skid steers, compact track loaders and compact wheel loaders, the BV6, BV8 and BV9 models can be configured straight for making larger cuts; in a “V” for pushing through hard-pack; as a scoop (both sides inward) for snow stacking; and 30-degree right or left positioning for precise snow or dirt moving. Their electrohydraulic valve for independent blade function can be controlled from the cab.

Reversible rubber edge

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment in SnowCat’s Straight Push Plow features a rubber edge, and no trip, for moving snow without damaging the surface. The bolt-on rubber edge is also reversible. The specially profiled moldboard rolls and folds snow for consistently full loads, the company says. The bolt-on skid shoes adjust the height of the edge and maintain a constant depth. The plow mounts to Cat skid steers, compact track loaders, multi-terrain loaders and compact wheel loaders and is available in widths of 8, 10 and 12 feet.

All hydraulic blower for wheel loaders

Hydraulic Snow Blower for Wheel LoadersHitchDoc now has a fully hydraulic snow blower for small wheel loaders with hydrostatic drive. The HDS9200 blower operates off the loaders’ hydraulics and has no external engine, gearboxes or shear pins. The operator monitors machine flow capacity and rate of travel with an in-cab digital display. The blower has a cutting width of 9 feet. Its extendable truck-loading spout rotates 270 degrees. The fan housing also rotates left or right for side discharge. It comes in models with 40 or 50 gallons per minutes of flow and with various quick coupler designs.

Wings held securely in place

Hiniker 9200 Series Torsion-Trip V-plowThe new 9200 Series Torsion-Trip V-plow for pickups from Hiniker features double-acting hydraulic cylinders that hold wings securely in position, even while backdragging. Torsion-trip edges provide independent protection to each plow wing. Moldboards consist of a low-friction, high-density polyethylene surface that is corrosion-free and dent-resistant. Wrap-around curb guards with chrome-alloy wear-bars protect from premature wear and damage. Available in widths of 8.5 and 9.5 feet. The plow can be customized with optional skid shoes, cutting edges and snow deflectors.