Cat’s new CW16 pneumatic roller features oscillation, auto speed

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Updated Jun 21, 2018

Cat cw16The CW16 pneumatic roller from Caterpillar is designed for mid-size highway, street and road work and for use on granular and all types of asphalt-mix designs, the company says.

The rubber-tire roller comes in nine-wheel and 11-wheel models, achieving 69-inch or 84-inch compaction width, respectively.

The operating weight can be adjusted to the task. The nine-wheel model’s per-wheel weight can be adjusted from 1,280 to 3,680 pounds, and from 1,060 to 2,975 pounds for the 11-wheel model. The machines’ total operating weights range from 11,464 to 33,000 pounds, depending on the ballast used. Ballast can be water, sand, steel or a combination. The ballast chamber is water-tight and has baffled compartments to prevent surge.

The CW16 features a pressurized spray system with a nozzle dedicated to each wheel to prevent material from sticking to the wheels. Each wheel also has self-adjusting scrapers. The spray system has an adjustable intermittent spray mode to conserve water. The system also includes triple filtration to prevent clogs. Cocoa mats help retain water to keep the wheels wet. Heat-retention aprons that trap heat around the wheels are optional.

Cat CW16

For compaction performance, the oscillating front wheels help compact soft voids across the roller’s width, and a 1.25-inch tire overlap helps ensure even compaction across the surface, the company says. The 11-wheel configuration increases efficiency in chip-and-seal applications, according to Caterpillar.

The roller’s two-speed hydrostatic, electronically controlled propel system automatically shifts between speed ranges, and it has a coast feature to save on fuel. It can reach speeds up to 12 mph. The automatic speed control allows the operator to achieve consistent speeds. When using the engine’s Eco mode, which drops engine speed to 1,900 rpms, the operator can save fuel, reduce sound levels, and deliver smooth transitions for optimum mat quality, the company says.

The Cat C3.4B ACERT engine is Tier 4 Final and rated at 101.9 horsepower. Oil service is set for 500-hour intervals to reduce maintenance time and costs. The CW16 also features large-capacity hydraulic- and engine-cooling systems to keep hydraulic pumps, motors and other components at optimum temperatures, which also leads to less maintenance, the company says.

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For the cab, Cat provides a rotating operator’s station and new console for better visibility. It also features an LCD display and push-button controls for engine speed, travel speed and water spray. Options include an ROPS canopy or sun canopy. Tire choices include a 12-ply 7.5 x 15 radial or a 14-ply 7.5 x 15 bias-ply.

Cat CW16 controls

Cat CW16 rolling asphalt

Cat CW16 roller


Cat CW16 front close up