Western Global’s new EnviroCube jobsite fuel tank boasts benefits over round tanks

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Updated Jun 20, 2018

enviro cube fuel tank filling up bobcatIn designing its latest tank for refueling jobsite equipment and trucks, Western Global eschewed the circle for the square.

The result is the EnviroCube, which the company says has advantages over round tanks. For one, the EnviroCube stays within height, length and width standards for over-the-road transport. It also occupies less space on the jobsite, the company says.

It can be moved on the jobsite by using its crane lift hooks or four-way forklift pockets.

The tanks can be used for onsite fuel supply, bulk fuel storage and fleet refueling. The company says they save on downtime and allow contractors to take advantage of low fuel prices by being able to buy in bulk.

The tanks come with a lockable cabinet, which holds hoses, ports and fittings. Extra tools and supplies can be stored on the cabinet’s shelves. Because all the pumping equipment can be secured inside the cabinet, the company says it can install the equipment prior to shipping and reduce on-site setup time.

The tanks consist of weatherproof, double walls, which keep fluid contained and meet environmental regulations without the need for a secondary drain or basin. A top access hatch to the inside of the tank simplifies inspections, cleaning and routine maintenance, the company says.

The EnviroCube comes in four models, ranging from 4,966 to 12,329 gallons. The tanks have multiple ports, allowing them to fuel three pieces of equipment at once. They can also serve as an auxiliary fuel source for generators, pumps and light towers. And their letterbox-style ports on the side mean you can pump fuel while the cabinet is locked.


Western Globe’s E200 EnviroCubeWestern Globe’s E200 EnviroCube


Quick Specs

Specs for the other EnviroCube models are as follows (All four are 88 inches wide and 98 inches high.):

  • E200 – Holds 4,966 gallons. It is 231 inches long and weighs 10,688 pounds.
  • E250 – Holds 5,629 gallons. It is 228 inches long and weighs 10,838 pounds.
  • E400 – Holds 11,794 gallons. It is 452 inches long and weighs 19,092 pounds.
  • E450 – Holds 12,329 gallons. It is 468 inches long and weighs 19,127 pounds.

enviro cube fuel tank filling up holland truck