Ditch Witch intros SK752 mini loader with 10% boost to lift capacity (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Updated Nov 3, 2015

Mini skid steers are becoming quite the interesting segment of compact equipment.

Just a few weeks ago at the ICUEE show we saw Toro unveil the TX 1000, a mini skid with a rated capacity of 1,000 pounds as the company attempts to lure away customers of traditional skid steers with a more nimble machine that can accomplish the majority of tasks its larger counterpart is typically used for.

Ditch Witch SK752 mini skid steer 2And now Ditch Witch too has upped the power of its 752 mini skid, saying the “construction-grade” machine has “all the power and functionality needed for small or midsize projects.”

The SK752 is powered by a 24.8-horsepower Kubota diesel engine Ditch Witch says directs more power to the attachment than comparable models on the market.

Ditch Witch has increased the machine’s operating capacity by 10 percent to 860 pounds and increased the hinge-pin height to 83 inches.

It features a 74-square-inch operator’s platform with a control station outfitted with standard dual-lever ground drive controls and a two-way auxiliary control foot pedal. The pedal allows “operators to maintain hydraulic flow to the attachment while keeping their hands free to control depth and ground speed,” Ditch Witch says.

A joystick is an available option.