PHOTOS: The Bugtruck, a Volkswagen Beetle/1950 Chevy Frankentruck, is the coolest mini pickup we’ve ever seen

Updated Jul 20, 2015

Some folks don’t see the point in a small truck. They’ve got things to do, people and things to carry and can’t abide a four-foot bed thank you very much.

But even the most utility-mindful truck fan couldn’t dislike the Bugtruck, or at least want to know what it’s like to cram yourself inside this thing and see what it’s like to drive. Besides, it’s the closest thing we’ll get to a real Volkswagen pickup, at least until the Chicken Tax is lifted.

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The Bugtruck is one of a kind (Just look at how tiny it is compared to the old Ford in the gallery above). It’s creation is fully documented on, a forum for Volkswagen fans who love to cut up the objects of their affection and turn them into things typically much more amazing. The idea for a pickup/Beetle hybrid had apparently floated around the site before but apparently not with the same “twist” forum member and Bugtruck creator Markh had.

“Rather than a roadster without a top or removeable top, mine will have a full cab roof,” he writes in his first post on May 4, 2009. “Borrowing A LOT of metal from a 1950 Chevy pickup cab, the entire rear half of the cab will need sectioned, narrowed, chopped and channeled to match up the rear quarter section of the 67 donor bug.”

Nearly one year and a lot of cutting, welding and finessing later, he debuted the car at a couple of shows and, unsurprisingly took home some hardware. “The truck won 1st Place in Type 1 Customs. To my surprise, also walked away with the Volksters Club Choice Award!” he wrote in his final post in the thread.

The highlights of the Bugtruck creation process are in the gallery above. For the full story, head on over to Volksrods.