Three ways to keep up on the construction equipment news front

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Newsletters blogWay back in oh, 2011, the main focus of Equipment World was giving you a monthly roundup of industry trends, news, equipment insights and maintenance tips in our print edition.

All of that is still true, but change “monthly” to “daily” and add a hefty dose of breaking news, videos and photo galleries and you have a clearer picture of what we now offer. While this information can keep you informed, we know you don’t have the time to constantly monitor what’s on our website. Which is why I highly recommend that you subscribe (free!) to our three newsletters, which give you a quick scan overview of what’s new:

Equipment World Daily

If it’s fresh in our news section, we’ll tell you about it in this newsletter.  We only cover a small fraction of this news in our print edition; you’ll also get more detailed information since our website doesn’t have the same space restrictions as print.

Another big subscriber benefit: we give away stuff, such as the Cat B15 rugged smartphone offered this past fall and the 16 construction models we shipped last summer as part of our Model Mania special report. Newsletter subscribers find out about these contests early on. (And we’re not done with the giveaways.)

Equipment World’s Better Roads Daily

As the highway funding debate picks up once again, it’s hard to keep track of all the proposals and counterproposals on the federal level, not to mention the state level. This daily newsletter is dedicated to all things roadbuilding: not only what’s going on with the highway funding front, but the new equipment and tools those in this market should know about.

Much of the information in this newsletter is being produced by our new senior editor, Chris Hill, who has taken on roadbuilding as his primary beat. You’ll enjoy his straightforward, informative style.

Equipment World Tech Newsletter

Tom Jackson, our executive editor, and Wayne Grayson, our online editor, have made this monthly newsletter a must read. Starting with Wayne’s special report on drones in construction, since September this newsletter has focused on ground breaking tech news, such as Komatsu’s intelligent excavator and expansion of the industry’s telematics standard.

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In February, Wayne detailed the Busybusy app, created by a contractor for contractors as a way to automate construction labor cost management. We break a new tech story here each month, making sure the futuristic is balanced by the practical.

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