Fecon Acquires Stump Grinder Attachment Manufacturer Stumper Industries

Stumper stump grinding attachment on a compact track loader

Fecon has added stump grinders and a grapple attachment to its lineup of land maintenance products with the recent acquisition of Stumper Industries.

Compatible with mini and standard skid steers and compact track loaders, excavators and tractors, the Stumper series offers five quick-attach stump grinder models ranging from 22- to 36-inch cutting diameters with up to 12-inch cut depths per pass.

The grinders are equipped with a lower-speed, high-torque cutting wheel. The “drive-up and grind” design minimizes setup time by primarily cutting on the face of the wheel, Fecon says.

With no belts, pulleys, gearboxes, actuators or electrical connections on the attachments’ direct drive system, maintenance is simplified, and there are fewer parts to repair or replace.

Fecon says because of the low-rpm processing and heavy-duty chip deflectors, the debris field is minimal. This makes for safer operation and efficient cleanup.

After removing the stump and roots, contractors can remove the remaining logs and debris from the Stumper Grapple — a heavy-duty, multiuse tool that attaches to mini skid steers.

“We are excited to welcome Stumper into the Fecon family,” said Jeff Stanley, vice president of product development at Fecon. “These stump grinder attachments are a great product extension to Fecon’s existing lineup of forestry attachments that provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for land maintenance needs. They add value to our customers’ existing machines by helping them do more with what they already have.”

Fecon has been manufacturing mulching heads for over 30 years and has a presence on every continent. The company says the new product additions complement its current line of mulching attachments and expand its presence in the forestry mulching and vegetation management industry.