“I’m Stuck” app nears 10,000 downloads, sends more than 1,000 emails to lawmakers

I'mStuckBuilding America’s Future (BAF) on Tuesday announced that the “I’m Stuck” app it developed has reached nearly 10,000 downloads and has sent more than 1,000 messages to lawmakers urging them to invest in transportation.

Marcia Hale, president of BAF, said in a statement that the number of messages sent in just a week should show lawmakers that voters want to see transportation investment.

“The level of engagement with our new app is exciting,” Hale said.  “With over 1,000 messages sent to Members of Congress in just the last week, Congress cannot ignore our failing transportation system.  We need to end the partisan gridlock, pass a transportation bill and fix our bridges and roads.”

BAF launched the app last week, giving travelers the opportunity to quickly and easily inform their elected officials about problems with transportation systems in cities throughout the U.S.

The app, which had users in 37 states when BAF made its announcement, allows users to choose how they are stuck: in a traffic jam, on a tarmac, on a subway, waiting for a train or a bus or “other” for another kind of situation. Then the app provides a simple way for users to send an email to the appropriate Senators and House member.

Edward Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor and BAF Co-Chair, said in a statement that the app is giving travelers a voice while Congress is on recess.

Congress was unable to pass the 2014 transportation spending bill last week, and now they’ve gone on summer vacation,” Rendell said. “But their constituents across the country are using this app to tell them it is time to get serious about transportation funding. It is time to get serious about repairing the 66,000 structurally deficient bridges in this country. It is time for action.”

The app is available free of charge in for Android and Apple devices.