Texas lawmakers pass transportation funding bill

(Photo: Bill Oriani / Flickr)(Photo: Bill Oriani / Flickr)

The Texas Legislature ended its third special session Monday night when it passed a measure to fund state transportation projects, according to a report from CBS Dallas.

During the special session, lawmakers approved a constitutional amendment that would increase transportation spending by about $1.2 billion each year and provide the funds by diverting a portion of oil and gas revenues from the Rainy Day Fund to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) .

State lawmakers reached a deal last month that provides conditions for the measure, including a rule allowing the state’s Legislative Budget Board to determine what the Rainy Day Fund’s balance should be and cut off transportation funding if the Rainy Day Fund needs a boost. The deal also specified that the money would only be used to fund projects on non-toll roads and bridges.

Texas citizens will vote on the measure in November 2014.