This is what you do for your state, Mr. Road Building Contractor


To continue to have as much firepower as possible at your fingertips when talking to people who are unaware of the impact of your industry on your state, check out this interactive map.

It’s built on 2012 American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) research and it shows you just how much of an impact your industry has on your state.

The link above is just a link to the interactive map, but the tabs at the top of the page give you a wealth of background material and alert you download the entire report.

Basically ARTBA’s 2012 U.S. Transportation Construction Industry Profile report was the first ever to examine how public investments in the United State’s transportation infrastructure stimulate business activity and government revenues throughout the nation. It is primarily the work of ARTBA’s leading numbers analyst and vice president of policy Alison Premo Black, one of the best in the business.

The report includes:

  • A concise overview of the transportation construction industry’s direct and induced impacts on the U.S. economy

  • A look at the industry’s economic impact in each state

  • An economic “snapshot” of eight other key U.S. business sectors that could not function without the U.S. transportation infrastructure network—the “dependent” jobs

  • An overview of the scope of the U.S. Transportation Industry

  • The scope and utility of the U.S. Transportation Infrastructure Network

  • The challenges ahead to U.S. productivity & competitiveness

  • The long term value and return on transportation infrastructure investment