Mecalac Intros First Integrated Tiltrotators for its Excavators (Video)

Mecalac recently introduced its first integrated tiltrotators, the MR50 and MR60, to pair with its wide range of compact excavators.

The MR50 is for excavators of 8 to 12 metric tons, and the MR60 is for excavators of 12 to 18 metric tons. The tiltrotators are available for select models at this time, with availability expanding to other models.

The tiltrotators are designed to go between two Mecalac Connect couplers, one on the end of the excavator stick and the other integrated into the bottom of the tiltrotator. The operator can remove the tool from the tiltrotator or the tiltrotator from the excavator. The coupler on the stick stays in place when the tiltrotator is removed, preserving the Connect convenience.

Pin distance between the upper and lower couplers is minimized to preserve breakout force, Mecalac says. Maximum breakout forces are 18,209 pound-feet for the MR50 and 28,101 pound-feet for the MR60. Rotation is 360 degrees both directions, and tilt is 40 degrees left and right.

Advanced, dedicated joysticks are included with the tiltrotators and provide up to 13 functions, depending on the model of excavator. A Home function brings the tiltrotator to a position preset by the operator. A dedicated monitor is used to set the operational parameters of the tiltrotator and also indicates its position.

Bucket sizes and capacities are maximum widths of 4 feet 11 inches for both tiltrotators and 0.44 to 0.59 cubic yards for the MR50 and up to 0.74 cubic yards for the MR60.

The optional Grab module performs like a grapple. The tiltrotators can be configured with one or two low-flow hydraulic lines for use with tools. The tiltrotators themselves mount only on the main auxiliary line.

“With their unique three-piece boom design, Mecalac excavators are already the most versatile machines in the market,” says Peter Bigwood, general manager, Mecalac North America. “The addition of the MR50 and MR60 tiltrotators, purpose-built for use with Mecalac excavators, further enhances the versatility and value of these machines.”

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