Charge Volvo Electric Equipment Anywhere with Beam EV Arc

Volvo Wheel Loader charging under a Beam Global EV Arc solar charging system
Beam Global

Charging infrastructure and speed are the most commonly cited reasons why contractors are unwilling to make the leap to electric equipment.

But now, a new partnership between Beam Global and Volvo Construction Equipment is making the charging possible from anywhere, without the need for utility grid connections or fossil fuel generators.

Beam’s EV Arc off-grid, solar-powered charging system can be bundled with the purchase of Volvo electric equipment at any of Volvo’s 245 North American dealer locations. Volvo’s lineup of electric equipment currently includes the L20 and L25 electric wheel loaders and the EC18, ECR18 and ECR25 electric excavators.

The EV Arc is fully autonomous, meaning it generates, stores and delivers electricity independent of the grid. It can be deployed without any electrical work or permitting and is ready to use in minutes, says Beam.

Volvo L25 electric wheel loader charging at The Utility ExpoBeam GlobalVolvo has been working with Beam throughout its pilot testing program. The system was displayed in Volvo’s booth at the 2021 Utility Expo (see video below) and demo’ed by Baltic Sands, Casper, the California Department of Transportation and Waste Management. 

“The construction industry has the opportunity to future-proof its business against noise, carbon-emissions regulations and volatile fossil fuel costs by adopting electric machines,” says Beam Global CEO Desmond Wheatley. “By providing our sustainable EV charging systems alongside Volvo’s best-in-class electric machines, we are enabling that transition in the fastest, cleanest and most scalable manner available. We’re proud to partner with Volvo CE in electrifying the construction business.”

When paired, the EV ARC and Volvo electric machines produce zero emissions, significantly reduce noise levels and lower energy costs, making them well suited for construction sites where emissions regulations, noise ordinances or the risks of indoor air pollution limit the use of diesel generators and construction equipment.

“The Volvo CE line of zero-emissions construction equipment can now be charged with a zero-emissions energy source provided by the EV Arc. Beam Global shares our vision to electrify mobility worldwide, a critical step towards mitigating climate change and reducing noise and air pollution,” says Ray Gallant, VP of product management and productivity at Volvo CE. “The construction industry is ready for an energy transition that reduces emissions and improves machinery’s performance, longevity and usability. We’re committed to an electric future and view Beam Global as a strategic partner on this journey.”

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Volvo Financial Services can be used to lease or finance the bundled EV Arc system and compact electric machines.