Heavy Material Handling in a Compact Size: Merlo’s TF65.9 Telehandler

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Merlo TF65.9 telehandler green dumping material in truck trailer
Merlo's TF65.9 telehandler has arrived in the U.S.

Merlo’s TF65.9 telehandler has arrived in the U.S. for heavy-duty material handling operations.

The TF65.9 has a maximum operating capacity of 14,300 pounds and can handle 9,900 pounds at its maximum lift height of 29 feet. It can carry 4,400 pounds at a reach of 5 feet, the company says. Maximum reach is 15 feet 4 inches.

Despite the heavy capacity, the telehandler maintains compact dimensions for jobsite maneuverability of 17 feet 3 inches long, 7 feet 10 inches wide and 8 feet 2 inches tall. It has a 14-foot-11 turning radius.

Merlo calls the 24,800-pound TF65.9 “the every industry telehandler.”

The FOPS Level II and ROPS cab has 463 square feet of glass for 360-degree visibility. Air conditioning and heat are standard, with air flow designed to be evenly distributed in the cab.

Merlo reduced cab vibrations by mounting the cab on blocks with hydro-pneumatic suspension, which the operator can turn on and off. “It drastically reduces vibrations inside the cab and facilitates the absorption of the stress and vibrations transmitted during the transfer and work phases, even on uneven ground,” the company says.

The telehandler also comes with Merlo’s new “ergonomic auto-revving joystick.” The company says it reduces operator fatigue and helps increase productivity with its connection to the high-flow hydraulic pump.

Merlo TF65.9 telehandler cab interiorMerloThe four-wheel-drive TF65.9 runs on a 170-horsepower FTP engine and can travel up to 25 mph. Eco Power Drive automatically adjusts engine speed based on operating conditions, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 18%, the company says. The telehandler has three steering modes.

The two-speed hydrostatic CVtronic continuous transmission enables millimeter variations in the machine’s movements and load positioning. The telehandler’s Hi-Flow hydraulic system incorporates such features as descent by gravity, automated movement control, digital actuator position control and continuous oil delivery.

The operator can use the frame leveling feature to level the chassis on slopes as steep as 8 degrees. Ground clearance is 1.5 feet. The new Adaptive Stability Control System furthers safety by continuously checking the telehandler’s operating parameters in real time to prevent overload or other safety issues, the company says.

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The TF65.9 accepts a variety of attachments, including forks, buckets, clamps, hooks, jibs, winches and worker baskets. They can be engaged and disengaged hydraulically from the cab with Merlo’s standard Tac-Lock system. Other standard equipment include pedal inching control, front and rear wiper, windshield washer, tool box, acoustic warnings, ground engaging boom and low pivot boom.

Equipment from Merlo, which is based in Italy, is imported and distributed in the U.S. by Applied Machinery Sales (AMS) based in Rock Hill, South Carolina.