Caterpillar expands compact excavator range to 0.9-2.7 tons

Caterpillar is extending its range of compact excavators, with the addition of three models with operating weights of 2,061 pounds, 3,340 pounds and 5,886 pounds. These additional models broaden the appeal of the Cat compact crawler excavator line-up, extending machine choices for customers in a variety of industry sectors.

Cat 300.9D takes Cat Into the Micro Market

The 300.9D weighs in at 2,061 pounds, making it the smallest machine in the Cat range. With an overall width of 28.7 inches, the machine is capable of driving through a standard doorway, providing easy access to the most confined job sites.

A water-cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine produces 18.4 horsepower; along with a twin gear pump hydraulic system creates a maximum stick breakout force of 1,011 pound-feet and a maximum bucket breakout force of 2,000 pound-feet. The machine comes equipped with an extending undercarriage and fold-out dozer blade, ensuring maximum stability and allowing a digging depth of up to 69.4 in (1,731mm) and a maximum excavation radius of 121.7 in (3,074mm).

A foldable overhead protective structure is mounted on the front of the machine, allowing the fitting of an additional guard to protect the operator when the machine is used with a hydraulic breaker. Caterpillar’s work tool division will be introducing a new H25 compact breaker specifically to work with this smaller machine.  Auxiliary hydraulic lines with quick disconnect fittings are supplied as standard.

A spacious operator area with easy to use controls ensures the 300.9D will be a popular choice with operators of all abilities. The folding structure and operating weight well below 1 tonne, makes the 300.9D easy to transport on a trailer behind a van or truck, while a simple single steel engine cover provides easy access to all service and maintenance points.

301.4C boosts key rental sector

With an operating weight of 2,921 to 3,340 pounds, depending on specification, the Cat 301.4C fits into the line-up below the current 301.8C, extending choice in the popular 1.5 ton market. The machine is available with a choice of cab or FOPS/TOPS canopy, and with standard or extending width undercarriage.

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Power comes from a 24 horsepower engine and the machine boasts a maximum bucket breakout force of 3,597 pound-feet and a stick force of 1,596 pound-feet. The machine has good working range with a maximum digging depth of 143.5 inches and reach at ground level extends to 145.7 inches. The maximum lift capacity to the front of the machine is 1,576 pounds. Lift capacity over the side of the machine is 739 pounds with the retracted 39 inches width tracks, rising to 1,091 pounds with the standard 51.2 inches extendable tracks.

Standard equipment includes extendable undercarriage, single and two-way auxiliary hydraulic lines, a sturdy dozer blade, a suspension seat and a hydraulic oil cooler. The machine will have a bucket linkage that allows the use of a wide range of existing Cat buckets, quick couplers and powered work tools.

302.7D CR joins growing compact radius line

Tipping the scales at 5,681 pounds with a canopy and 5,886 pounds with full cab, the 302.7D CR is the lightest Cat compact radius model, making it easy to transport for a rental company or contractor. Powered by the same proven 24 horsepower engine as the 301.4C, the machine boasts a load sensing hydraulic system, providing a maximum bucket force of 5,058 pound-feet and a maximum stick force of 3,462 pound-feet.

The Cat 302.7D CR combines a compact radius design (zero tailswing without counterweight) with a spacious operator environment and easy access to regular service points. Two-way auxiliary lines are standard, equipped with quick disconnects for rapid work tool changeover. A joystick-mounted proportional auxiliary control allows for fine control of a range of powered attachments. The dozer blade offers added stability when digging, and a float function on the dozer control allows operators to grade and push with confidence.

Maximum lift capacity is 2,105 pounds with the standard long arm and counterweight combination. When lifting over the side the extra counterweight allows a maximum lift capacity of 1,373 pounds at a reach of 98 inches and ground level.

Customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit for more information about the less-than-3-ton excavators.

Basic Specifications

Cat 300.9D Cat 301.4C Cat 302.7D CR
Operating weight canopy/cab, lbs (kg) Canopy  2,061 (935) 2,921 (1,325) /3,340 (1,515 ) 5,681 (2,577) /5,886


Engine output, hp (kW) 18.4 (13.7) 24 (17.9) 24 (17.9)
Max arm crowd force, lbf (kN) 1,011 (4.5) 1,596 (7.1) 3,462 (15.4)
Max breakout force, lbf (kN) 2,000 (8.9) 3,597 (16.0) 5,058 (22.5)
Track width retracted/extended, in (mm) 27.6 (700) / 33.5 (850) 39 (990) / 51.2 (1,300) Retracted 61.8 (1,57)