Deere intros 844K Series II loader

Marcia Doyle Headshot

John Deere’s 7-yard class 844K Series II wheel loader introduced at the World of Concrete features new axles, improved stability and a 6 percent boost to full-turn tip-load capacity. Other improvements include ROPS certification and low-profile tires.

The higher capacity axles have standard temperature monitoring and automatic cooling and filtration. Hy-Gard oil allows changee intervals to extend to 2,000 hours. The 844K II comes with four traction-boosting axle-differential configurations, including two with on-the-fly diferential lock engagement:


* Front and rear axle hydraulically actuated differential lock with on-the-fly

engagement provides maximum traction control for tough conditions, such as

working on virgin aggregate banks.


•Auto differential loack that applies when the wheels spin and the operator doesn’t apply the differential lock.

*Convential differential lock is a good match for standard load-out applications.