Cat Detect sees workers even when your machine’s cameras don’t

Updated Aug 20, 2018
Caterpillar 325F L 1

Cat detect RFID tag with hardhat strap

Rearview cameras are a great safety addition to construction equipment, but there will always be situations when a worker walks into or kneels down in a blind spot. That’s where Cat Detect for personnel comes in.

The system is based on a safety vest or hardhat outfitted with a passive radio frequency tag and machines with a UHF antenna. When the antenna is energized, it will sense the presence of these tags and sound a warning anytime they come within a certain radius of the machine.

The warnings include a visual and audible in-cab alert for the operator and an external speaker to notify the worker on the ground.

The energized UHF zone is customizable to the needs of different sites and applications. The tags use passive RFID technology, which means they never need charging and tagged items are washable.

You can also set up the system to work with your machines’ telematics to report actionable information and near misses.