Make trench safety reminders prevalent on your jobsite with OSHA’s free “Slope It. Shore It. Shield It.” stickers

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OSHA's 'Slope It, Shore It, Shield It' stickerWith little fanfare, OSHA has made available new free “Slope It. Shore It. Shield It.” stickers that can be attached to equipment and other items on the jobsite.

Available in both English and Spanish, the triangular decals feature the outline of a trench using both sloping and shoring, along with OSHA’s National Contact Center phone number, 800-321-6742. This number can be used by workers to contact OSHA regarding workplace safety issues.

The OSHA information page did not list the size of the sticker. Up to five stickers can be ordered at one time; for orders above five stickers, call (202) 693-2498.

Fifty-one men died in a trench collapse in 2016-2017, according to Equipment World research. Contractors have access to a wealth of information to both learn OSHA trench safety regulations and teach them to their personnel.

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