The GuardHat monitors everything you need to know about workers’ safety

Updated Dec 25, 2017

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GuardHat manufactures a smart hard hat with sensors in it that continuously transmit data to a safety control center, enabling the system to pinpoint each worker’s location to within a foot and detect dangerous conditions. It can also monitor vital signs, take video of the immediate surroundings and detect impacts and sounds such as blasts.

Each GuardHat helmet transmits data to a safety control center for monitoring. If a worker falls the device instantly sends an alert to the control center with the precise location of the fall and notifies nearby workers.

GuardHat will also establish audio and video contact with the injured workers. It can also offer moving object detection and remote guidance for workers in areas where visibility is limited.

Sensors in the hat can also be deployed to warn of toxic gas build up and with a geo-fence warn workers when they’re about to enter a dangerous area.

Available in mid-2018, GuardHat will be priced on a subscription model depending on feature set and certification level.

Guard Hat