StrongArm exoskeletons aim to eliminate back injuries in construction

Updated May 26, 2016
StrongArm V22StrongArm V22

Football players wear braces. Why not construction workers?

StrongArm Technologies says their ErgoSkeleton braces are designed for the “industrial athlete,” which they define as anybody who does a lot of bending, twisting and carrying heavy loads in the course of a day.

StrongArm FLxStrongArm FLx

There are two products. The V22 ErgoSkeleton works as a lifting assist/load distribution device. Using a load-shifting strap under the object you are carrying it distributes the weight to your legs rather than your lower back and arms. It can reduce common lumbar and compression back injuries as well as arm fatigue.

The FLx ErgoSkeleton is a posture feedback device that provides gentle pressure to reminded you to align your torso so that when lifting a heavy load, you remain in the recommended NIOSH/OSHA lifting posture (using your legs, not your back).

The devices come in small, medium and large sizes; and pads are on both devices are adjustable to fit different types of torsos. They weigh about two to three pounds and are available for purchase through 3M distribution channels.