Gear Keeper retractable lanyards tether your tools to you for safety and convenience

Updated Mar 4, 2015

Gear keeper 1

It’s a bummer when you are high up on a beam or roof and your tape measure falls to the ground. It’s a lot more of a bummer when it hits somebody.

Gear Keeper’s TL-1 3015 integrated elastic webbing has a short (33-inch) retraction length and a long extension (51 inches) so it doesn’t get tangled up. A low-resistance, 61-percent stretch provides workers a strain-free reach.

For heavier tools up to 15 pounds, the the TL1-3014 model  comes standard with an aluminum carabineer or with an optional stainless steel carabineer (TL1-3024).

You can find more of these retractable lanyards and find a local dealer at the Gear Keeper website.