Worker killed when pinned between tractor and dozer in Ohio

Updated Jan 29, 2015

dozer closeA man attempting to pull a piece of equipment out of deep mud in Bennington Township, Ohio, Saturday was killed when the stuck tractor suddenly lunged forward and pinned him between the tractor and a dozer. Sidney J. Donohue, 40, was between the pieces of equipment hooking up a chain so the tractor could be pulled from the mud with the dozer.

According to OSHA, caught-in/between hazards are classified as one of construction’s “Fatal Four” – the deadliest types of accidents that cause the most worker deaths.

To prevent becoming pinned by equipment, avoid placing yourself between a piece of equipment and a solid object, such as a wall, another piece of equipment or stacks of jobsite materials. Any immovable structure or object can be a hazard if you are between it and a piece of equipment.

When performing maintenance or moving a stuck piece of equipment, never assume the machine will not move, even if it is disabled. A lock-out/tag-out procedure must be followed to ensure the equipment is not accidentally energized during the process. Also, if the equipment has a bucket or a blade, don’t begin any type of work prior to fully lowering the attachment.

For more tips on avoiding this type of accident, visit our Safety Watch page and select the topic Caught In-Between for downloadable safety information.