Tape measure falls 50 stories, kills worker on New Jersey construction site

construction hard hatA freak accident claimed the life of a construction worker in New Jersey earlier this week, illustrating the dangers of the jobsite and providing a stark reminder to all workers on the importance of always wearing a hard hat.

According to a report from the Associated Press, a 1-pound tape measure fell from the belt of a construction worker on the 50th floor of a residential tower and hotel under construction in Jersey City.

The tape measure fell over the side of the tower and bounced off a piece of construction equipment 10-15 feet off the ground before hitting the worker in the head.

The worker, 58-year-old Gary Anderson, was not wearing a hard hat, according to the AP report.

Anderson worked for National Gypsum and was delivering drywall to the jobsite. He left his hard hat in his truck and had stopped to talk to another worker when the tape measure hit him.

Anderson was rushed to a hospital but died an hour after he was struck.