Scaffolding failure sends Louisiana construction workers dangling 100 feet in the air before rescued

Updated May 8, 2013
Credit: WAFBCredit: WAFB

Three construction workers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana likely have a whole new appreciation for life ropes after a scary incident during an expansion project at a hospital there.

While working on the exterior of Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, the scaffolding the construction workers were on snapped, according to WAFB, sending the men dangling from their life ropes—100 feet in the air.

Luckily, none of the men were injured and were able to get to safety. One of the men was pulled up to the roof of the building while the other two were able to jump inside one of the windows.

The photo above, captured from the site, shows the scaffolding hanging from the building with one of the construction workers dangling very close to it.