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Short setup time gets drill ready to work in three hours

By Amy Materson

When American Augers designed their DD-1100RS horizontal directional drill, one design directive was a quick and easy setup process. Although setup time varies depending on the job, the Rapid Setup offers a huge time savings, says Greg Jeter with American Augers. “You’re talking about three hours as opposed to a full day’s setup time,” he says. The drill – the company’s largest at 1,100,000 pounds of thrust – sets up in just a few steps (see box), and can be backed into the jobsite by truck instead of using the truck to pull the unit in; a helpful feature when space is an issue. Once the DD-1100RS is in place and the tractor is disconnected, the rig takes just eight minutes to rise.

The cab has a 20-inch touchscreen and joystick controls. The microprocessor-controlled unit includes an auto-idle to boost fuel savings. By using the dual power rack available with the Run-On-One-Technology-System, the operator can choose to operate with both engines, or just with one engine to save additional fuel. The unit maintains full power with a single engine while running at half-rotational rpm and half-carriage drive speed. The microprocessor control system provides useful information, says Jared Bird, product manager. “This system provides a lot of information on the actual drilling,” he says. “You get more accurate drilling feedback.”

Optional power units have the company’s Quiet-Pak feature with removable panels with 2 inches of acoustical absorbing material, resulting in a low 80-decibel rating. Safety features on the rig include an emergency shutdown switch located at the operator’s console and an exit side lockout system with a 5,280-foot range. Eight attachable handrails ensure a full length thrust frame walkway.

An optional pipe loader stages four rods and can handle different sizes of drill pipe. The pipe loader connects to the thrust frame, guaranteeing easy attachment and removal, and features processor controlled extension cylinders for accurate rod positioning.

Easy Up

• Position the front and rear feet

• Position the rig at the jobsite

• Lower the arms to the rear foot

• Move the dolly

• Disconnect the tractor

• Raise the rig

• Insert locking pins at different angles.

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