Organizations address Personal Fall Protection safety education

The American Rental Association, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the Associated Equipment Distributors, the International Powered Access Federation and the Scaffold Industry Association joined forces to develop a new educational document. The document focuses on Personal Fall Protection for users of AWP equipment.

The result of this joint venture is the “Statement of Best Practices of Personal Fall Protection Systems for Aerial Work Platform Equipment.” The participating organizations recognized a need to address the proper use and regulatory compliance of AWP personal fall protection and created a common resource to educate users on best practices of the safe use of PFP equipment. The use of PFP is a component of AWP training and has legal requirements in the United States. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and American National Standards Institute standards both address fall protection when using AWP equipment.

The educational document was unveiled during The Rental Show on Feb. 28. The document will also be available as a free download from each participating organizations’ websites.