Product Report

Lighting in a compact package

Marcia Gruver Doyle

Now road and bridge contractors, rental houses and others can fit up to 11 fully-assembled light towers on a standard 48-foot flatbed, allowing easy distribution of lights along long road projects or the ability to take care of multiple-jobsite lighting needs with one load.

LscDoosan’s LightSource Compact light tower units “use up to 20 percent less space – both in the towing and fully open mode – compared with the industry standard,” says Rachel Luken Thompson, product marketing manager, light towers, security and light compaction, Doosan Infracore Portable Power. “And this while maintaining its wind stability, static roll threshold and 30-foot extension capacities.”

Four 1,000-watt metal halide floodlights provide a National Electric Manufacturers Association-defined

6 x 7 beam spread for better light distribution and area coverage. The fixture design with a side-mounted/horizontally positioned bulb in each rectangular floodlight gives broad light distribution of 460 foot-candles. Cast-aluminum fixture housings include a separate reflector that lowers the risk of disruptive light distribution. The small footprint of the floodlights reduces wind load.

A standard 2-inch ball hitch, integrated towbar and DOT full-running light package help ensure safe towing of the light tower A full trailer package comes standard with the unit, equipped with four tie downs, zinc-coated chains, a lighted license plate holder and VIN number.

The LSC units use components used in other Doosan light tower products, including light fixtures, bulbs, winches, outriggers/jacks and the full tower/mass assembly. EW

LSC Quick Look

Engine: Mitsubishi L3E 1,800-rpm water-cooled Tier 4 Final

Generator: 4.5 kilowatt

Fuel tank: 27 gallon (52 hours of continuous operation)

Mast/outriggers stowed: 166 in. x 53 in.

Mast/outriggers deployed: 129 in. x 107 in.

Wind stability: Withstands 65 mph winds with four-point outrigger and jack system fully deployed

Available options: Dual electric winches with an automatic safety stop, a low fuel shutdown with indicator light and a block heater, plus two optional hitches.