Long Reach Drive Mount

The PENGO Revolution Series Auger / Anchor Drive product line continues to evolve with development of a long reach universal skid loader mount.  The new long reach mount is designed to provide maximum ground clearance by providing 7’ to 11’ of clearance depending on the Drive model selected.  The added clearance allows drillers to use longer auger bits and anchor installers to use longer helical piers.  The new design mount allows any size of Auger Drive (up to 12,000 ft/lbs) to be used and stow in the mounts cradle without any adjustments.

Increasing the ground clearance also allows for increased operator visibility of the Drive attachment.  The unique design allows the Drive to be positioned up to 48” away from the cab maximizing visibility and increasing safety during operation.

The long reach mount comes standard with retractable stabilizer arms allowing the mount to stand upright when not in use making it easier to store and to attach to the skid loader.

For more information, please visit their website www.pengoattachments.com; call
(800) 599-0211 or email pengosales@paladinbrands.com.