Disneyland masks its construction sites with magical artwork of whatever is being built

Updated Mar 8, 2015
Credit: Mark Eades/OC RegisterCredit: Mark Eades/OC Register

If you’ve ever been to either of the Disney parks here in the U.S. you know that the magical castle, whether belonging to Cinderella at Disney World in Orlando, or Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland in Anaheim, is the centerpiece of the park.

So what does Disney do when not just one but two of its main attractions are undergoing what some would consider unsightly renovations at one park? It calls upon its talent for beautiful artwork.

According to a report from the Orange County Register, Disneyland is performing major renovations to both Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the “It’s a Small World” ride. And since such iconic attractions would look a bit odd covered in scaffolding, Disney simply covers it all up with giant artwork of the finished product.

In the case of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, construction is currently being masked by a , “4,500 square feet of thin-gauze fabric—adorned with a fancy sketch of the castle in the front, and a photo of the castle on the backside,” the paper reports. “It’s a Small World” is masked by a photo of the ride’s facade.

The sketch of the castle was drawn by Imagineer Herb Ryman in 1954 when the park was being designed.

But the cool thing, especially with the castle’s backside photo, is that it’s printed to scale and looks as large as it normally would to your eye. You can see what we mean by checking out the Register‘s full photo gallery by clicking here.