Bulldozer operator helps police bust thief after finding him hiding under machine while hauling it away

Updated Nov 10, 2014

crime sceneSean Welch almost got away with his crime scot-free. He just chose the wrong getaway vehicle.

According to a report from The Daily Ardmoreite, the 23-year-old was arrested for stealing $800 in quarters from a vending machine at a laundromat in Ardmore, Oklahoma last week. However, Welch managed to escape from a police car and decided to hide beneath a bulldozer that had been trailered up nearby.

A free, inconspicuous ride away from the cops sounds like a good idea, in theory. However, making sure you’re actually hidden from the driver hauling the machine is the part of this whole thing Welch didn’t quite execute to perfection.

According to the paper, police approached the operator of the bulldozer, who they say had been doing some landscape work, before he hauled the equipment away in order to ask if the man had seen Welch. He said no, but soon called them back a few miles down U.S. Highway 70 when he could see Welch beneath the machine.

Welch didn’t manage to escape his second arrest.