Washington town hosts Construction Career Day to give students hands-on introduction to the industry

We’re always happy to hear about folks who are being proactive when it comes to the shortage of skilled workers facing contractors across the country, and one of the best ways to do that is get high school students excited about the opportunities the construction industry has to offer.

In Kennewick, Washington more than 500 middle and high school students got a hands-on introduction to construction during the eighth annual Tri-Cities Construction Career Day.

According to a report from KVEW TV, the students got to operate excavators and rollers. And KNDU reported that there were several interactive displays set up showing students the skills needed for jobs in paving and welding. And a photo gallery from the Tri-Cities Herald show at least one equipment simulator in action along with skid steers and tutorials on masonry, carpentry and more.

High school student Christopher Senor told KVEW that he enjoyed the day and likened it to shadowing someone on the job. “A lot of people who are thinking about going into the construction business, they really are not sure what it’s all about,” Senor said. “So this is a perfect opportunity to see the ins and outs, learn about it, ask some people, there’s some people here who actually know what they’re doing.”

Another student, Johanna Young, said construction is something she wants to pursue as a career, perhaps even internationally. “It’s really nice that they are letting me really get my hands on this and be able to experience it,” she said.