October becomes “Careers in Construction Month,” seeks to expand construction workforce

Updated Mar 1, 2013


One organization sees the very real threat of a construction labor shortage in the U.S. and is doing something about it.

Build Your Future (BYF) has named October 2013 “Careers in Construction Month,” primarily due to the support and recognition from BYF supporters and other organizations of Careers in Construction Week.

Careers in Construction Month is intended to further spread awareness about the availability of construction careers. BYF is an organization seeking to narrow the skills gap by guiding America’s youth and displaced workers into opportunities for advanced education and training, that lead to long-term careers in construction.

BYF’s goal for Careers in Construction Month is to promote construction careers by increasing flexibility and planning opportunities for organizations wanting to participate in construction career events.

Careers in Construction Month will encourage local schools, contractors and organizations to partner locally to host construction career events and programs.

BYF also encourages employers and industry associations to write their legislators and governors to support official state proclamations recognizing the month of October as Careers in Construction Month. See a sample proclamation at the BYF website.

For online resources about getting involved in Careers in Construction Month, visit byf.org/resources, where BYF will add resources throughout the year. If you are hosting an event for Careers in Construction Month, register the event to profile it as an official part of Careers in Construction Month and gain more publicity.

For more information about Careers in Construction Month or BYF, visit byf.org.