Your Voice: The labor shortage

Updated Dec 19, 2012

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We recently asked our readers on Facebook what they thought about the threat of a labor shortage. We posed the following question:

With many older, skilled workers having left the industry, and students showing little interest in construction, do you feel like a labor shortage is on the horizon? Are you already having trouble finding workers?”

From what we saw, readers consider the threat of a labor shortage to be a very real thing. They also feel steps could have been taken to prevent it from happening. Here are your answers.

Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete: “Very possible that there could be a shortage of qualified drivers and mechanics in the future.”

Vincent Buffa: “Offer good pay and benefits and maybe more young people would have an interest in it.”

David Zdrojewski: “There is already a shortage of skilled labor…I personally believe we will reach a crisis level in a very few years…”

Valerie Brian Burton: “I hear the same thing being said for the medical field… problem is too many lazy ass American’s these days… why would anyone work period if Obama is gonna just continue to make it easy to get everything for free.”

Do you agree, disagree or just have something to add? Let us know what you think in the comments below.