Michigan passes right-to-work law prohibiting required union membership

Updated Dec 13, 2012

Shutterstock 2948215Michigan will soon become the 24th right-to-work state as a result of changes to the state’s labor laws approved by its legislature, NBC News reported.

The law is meant to prevent workplaces from making union membership a requirement for employment. Many union members objected the proposed law, ultimately approved 58-41, as state lawmakers debated and voted on it.

The right-to-work law’s supporters argue that right-to-work laws allow states to attract new jobs and industries. However, it’s opponents argue that workers in those states are forced to accept lower wages than they might enjoy in states without the right-to-work law.

The right-to-work law is currently ineligible of direct challenge from Michigan voters, but some union members have said they may be able to get it to the polls by 2014, after the changes have taken effect.