Thunder Creek shows how its updated Multi-Tank Trailers are now easier to use

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Updated Feb 22, 2019

Thunder Creek has updated its Multi-Tank Trailers to make them stronger and easier to use, while still allowing drivers to haul up to 920 gallons of diesel fuel to a jobsite without needing a commercial driver’s license or HAZMAT certification.

The company’s Gen 3 trailers for 2019, shown at the recent World of Asphalt show in Indianapolis, now have an electronic valve assembly of switches to make it easier to pump fuel. (See video above of Luke Van Wyk, vice president of sales for Thunder Creek, demonstrating the new system at World of Asphalt.)

The system also automatically shuts off the fuel valves when the trailer door is closed. This prevents drivers from getting a HAZMAT violation if they were stopped and had forgotten to close the valves.

“This is a safety feature ensuring that every time this door is closed those valves go off,” said Van Wyk. “So there should be no reason for anyone to have a HAZMAT violation.”

Thunder Creek’s Multi-Tank trailer at World of AsphaltThunder Creek’s Multi-Tank trailer at World of Asphalt

The company also made the system more rigid and added more support to the hose reels to increase strength and durability, Van Wyk says.

The trailers come in diesel hauling capacities of 460, 690 and 920 gallons. A separate 100-gallon diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank is also available. The trailers avoid the need for CDL and HAZMAT credentials by storing the fuel in individual 115-gallon tanks. That puts the trailers’ tanks under the 119-gallon federal threshold for bulk-diesel classification.

The 460-gallon trailer can be hauled with a half-ton pickup. The 460- and 920-gallon trailers require at least ¾-ton trucks.

Thunder Creek’s Multi-Tank Trailers can also haul bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to jobsites.Thunder Creek’s Multi-Tank Trailers can also haul bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to jobsites.