Push Block prevents damage when rescuing dump trucks with dozers, other machines

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Updated Feb 2, 2019

Philippi-Hagenbuch new Push Block

Philippi-Hagenbuch has developed the new Push Block to dislodge off-highway trucks when they get stuck, without damaging the truck.

The device is custom designed to fit the rear chassis of rigid-frame or articulating trucks ranging from 20 to 400 tons.

The company says the Push Block alternative protects the truck from damage, which can occur when using dozers or other equipment to push out a stuck truck. “This type of pushing on the truck can damage the tires, hinge and even the body since there’s no component of a truck designed to take this type of pin-point pressure,” says Josh Swank, vice president of sales.

With the Push Block, the pushing force is transferred directly to the truck frame. â€śWithout the Push Block, trucks can experience body damage that impacts material flow or tailgate damage of as much as $15,000,” the company says.

The Push Block also has a hook to allow for pulling out a truck that has become disabled or stuck.

Push Block on machineThe device is made of Hardox 450 steel and pivots downward so as not to interfere with the dumping process.

The Push Block is sold by itself and is customized to fit the make and model of the truck, the company says. It can also be paired with other of the company’s off-highway truck attachments. Those include a load ejector to prevent material from sticking to the truck bed when dumping, sideboards that fit onto the truck to increase carrying capacity, and Autogate Tailgates to further increase capacity and reduce spillage.