Volvo unveils new VHD vocational trucks with new look, driver assist features for more comfort

Updated Aug 7, 2020

The Newly Redesigned Volvo Vhd

Volvo is calling its new VHD Vocational Series trucks its most significant vocational offering in decades.

With modern aesthetics, improved capability and the latest in safety and uptime solutions, Volvo says the new VHD is “tougher made smarter.”

For starters, the new trucks feature and updated exterior designed to reflect the look of other Volvo Trucks models. The trucks feature a new grille design and new LED headlights with a fully-sealed headlamp for a brighter, more focused beam of light for better visibility. A de-icing option is available for melting ice and snow that accumulates on headlamps in cold weather.

At customer request, Volvo has implemented a new VHD bumper with a heavy-duty 45mm tow pin rated for 80,000 pounds. The tow pin allows for a quick pull out of sticky situations.

Inside the cab, drivers will find a relocated ignition to the lower left-hand side of the dashboard. The steering wheel buttons are now more touch-friendly and clustered, Volvo says.

The trucks feature Volvo’s I-Shift transmission with an option for crawler gears. The option adds one or two gears to the 12-speed enabling the trucks to start on steep grades, provide low-speed control and reach maximum highway speeds with faster rear axle ratios.

New VHD models also feature Volvo’s T-Ride suspension which applies constant pressure on the wheels for more sure-footed traction. This suspension also offers a new ride stiffness option for mixers and trucks with wing plows.

Volvo has also added new safety and productivity features including:

Dynamic Steering: Adds torque to reduce steering strain at low speeds while removing steering wheel vibrations caused by rough terrain.

Active Driver Assist: Integrated radar/camera technology delivers automatic emergency braking, highway departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and more.

New VHD models also feature Volvo’s remote programming and remote diagnostics technology.