Felling redesigns IT-I tilt trailers for strength, ease of use

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Updated Feb 9, 2019
The FT16IT-I above is painted in ruby red metallic, a color chosen in honor of Felling’s 45th anniversary.The FT16IT-I above is painted in ruby red metallic, a color chosen in honor of Felling’s 45th anniversary.

Felling has revamped its IT-I Series tilt trailers for 2020 to make them stronger and easier to use.

The series consists of the FT-10IT-I, FT-12IT-I, FT-14IT-I, FT-16IT-I and FT-20IT-I. Load capacities range from 6,780 to 17,720 pounds. The trailers have a single frame design with a cold-formed I-beam mainframe and Jr. I-beam cross members.

Among the advancements are a redesigned hitch area with a more user-friendly, integrated nose plate and a tilt deck latch design that is easier for the operator, the company says.

Felling also placed the eight D-rings on the sides of the trailer bed on the widest point of the deck instead of on the rear of the tilt deck, making it easier to tie down loads.

The company redesigned the cylinder lugs for added strength where the cushion cylinders attach to the cross members.

It also incorporated the dual-stop, turn and taillights into the standard design, which protects the lighting system from damage when loading and unloading equipment, the company says.

Felling provides several options, including a stationary platform (with 10 D-rings), fork pockets, and spare wheel and tire mounts. A gooseneck coupler hitch option includes a toolbox between the uprights along with dual jacks.

In its redesign of the series, the company also made changes to specific models:

  • The FT-10IT-I and FT-12IT-I are built to the same spec with 7k axles and 16-inch tires. But the FT-10 does not have reflective tape and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 9,980 pounds and a capacity of 6,780 pounds. In comparison, the FT-12 has a GVWR of 14,500 pounds and a capacity of 11,300 pounds.
  • The 6-inch I-beam frame on FT-14IT-I has been replaced with an 8-inch I-beam. It has a GVWR of 16,100 pounds and a capacity of 12,300 pounds.

Specs for the other models in the series:

  • FT-16IT-I – GVWR of 18,400 pounds and capacity of 14,400 pounds.
  • FT-20IT-I – GVWR of 23,000 pounds and capacity of 17,720.

To watch a demonstration of the IT-I’s drop deck, see below: