Felling redesigns utility pole trailers for easier use

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Updated Dec 27, 2017
Felling’s new FT-10-1 PT utility pole trailerFelling’s new FT-10-1 PT utility pole trailer

Felling has revamped its utility pole series of trailers to make them easier to use and maintain and has added safety features.

The FT-10-1 PT is the first in the series to be released. It has a retracted length of 24 feet and can be extended to 40 feet. The company offers a variety of payload capacities for the trailer. It can be equipped with single or tandem axles of 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 or 20,000 pounds and with dual wheels. Air brakes are also available. All of the trailers are 95 inches wide, designed to be no wider than the truck pulling them.

The company has combined the electrical wiring for the trailers’ lights with the lines for the air brakes into one industrial-grade energy chain. This prevents the operator from having to deal with a trailer plug when adjusting the trailer tongue and keeps the wiring and air lines from being damaged.

The trailers’ adjustment pin is made of 2-inch cold rolled steel and has a notched flange to lock it into place. It is attached to the trailer by a chain so it won’t get lost.

The trailer also features a 12-gauge steel floor with perforations in each corner that allow for drainage and cleaning out small debris.

Center and rear double C-channel bolsters are standard, with a lynch pin attached by a lanyard to each one. Load-securing points are located down the mainframe rail, and three D-rings are in the cargo area for tie-downs.