All-New 2024 Toyota Tacoma is Here – And it Beats Ford Raptor in Torque

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red 2024 Toyota Tacoma Limited on green grass mountain top
2024 Toyota Tacoma Limited

The all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma is here with more features and options than ever before including access to a 75% jump in torque, which pushes it past the 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor.

Though the 3.5-liter V6 was written off for Toyota’s latest midsize pickup, fans will be able to opt for a lighter and more powerful four-cylinder 2.4-liter i-FORCE MAX hybrid that cranks out 326 horsepower and class-leading 465 pound-feet of torque.  

Ford fans have reason to worry. While the 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor cranks out best-in-class 405 horsepower from a twin-turbo 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6, it falls behind the latest Tacoma with 430 pound-feet of torque.

High torque is generally preferred over horsepower in the pickup world, where pulling power from a dead stop is typically welcomed more so than top-end speed.

“If you want a strong car that can pull boulders and take off quickly, a high torque might be more important to you. In short, torque makes your vehicle quick. Horsepower makes it fast,” Kelley Blue Book reporter Austin Morris writes.

2024Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Iso Dynamic Performance Seat001Debuting exclusively on the new TRD Pro is a segment-first IsoDynamic Performance Seat that helps provide a smooth, confidence-inspiring ride for those in the driver and front passenger seats. The goal of this patent-pending feature is to stabilize the driver’s field of vision to improve focus, comfort, and reduce fatigue while on rugged trails. The IsoDynamic Performance Seat uses an air-over-oil shock absorber system allowing for vertical and lateral seat movement simultaneously to dampen body movement and stabilize the head and neck to keep alignment with the spine. This dampening effect is tunable based on body mass and occupant preference and can be bypassed, if desired, via levers on the seatbacks.ToyotaLife off the grid looks better for Tacoma’s i-FORCE MAX, which comes standard with a 2,400-watt AC inverter, while Ranger Raptor gets a much smaller 400-watt inverter. Toyota’s new Trailhunter grade also gets an integrated high-output air compressor in the bed for airing large diameter tires back up quickly after airing down for timeout on the trail.

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Off-roading, however, could prove to be a different story since Ranger Raptor is designed to get airborne. Toyota is mum on the topic, leading us to believe that they’re not comfortable with the super truck notion of taking flight.

That doesn’t mean that Toyota’s latest pickup isn’t strong and capable. In fact, the fourth-gen Tacoma has a new high-strength boxed, steel-ladder frame; an available fully redesigned multi-link coil rear suspension that improves ride and handling; and numerous features that off-roaders can enjoy for hours on end.

Much like the full-size Toyota Tundra, high-strength steel with blanking and laser welds is used throughout the chassis to increase rigidity over the previous generation, and aluminum is used on the upper body to reduce weight. Frame crossmembers are also strengthened to increase durability and carry Toyota-available overlanding gear such as rooftop tents and camp fridges.

A new front cross member was constructed for the steering gear box, which adds rigidity via additional cross-member support while enhancing steering input for the driver and handling dynamics. A new high-lift jack point is also integrated into the rear frame end.

The latest Tacoma also keeps the six-speed manual alive and well, but for top performance on the i-FORCE MAX, you’ll have to opt for the new eight-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with intelligence (ECT-i).

Toyota fans can also spec a less powerful and less costly 2.4-liter turbocharged engine for entry-level SR grades that produces 228 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque. For all other non-hybrid grades, power increases to 278 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque when coupled with the new eight-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with intelligence.

The six-speed intelligent manual transmission (iMT2) with automatic rev matching and anti-stall technology takes power slightly down to 270 horses and 310 pound-feet of torque.

So much riding on suspension

Enhancing ride and handling characteristics on Tacoma is a newly available multi-link rear suspension. This system replaces the previous model’s leaf springs in favor of a set of coils. However, leaf springs remain standard on SR, SR5 XtraCab and TRD PreRunner grades.

Tacoma also now gets four-wheel disc brakes for increased braking performance compared to the previous model, while TRD models and above are equipped with a larger front brake package. TRD models and above equipped with i-FORCE MAX get a larger rear brake package.

An electronic parking brake allows for low-speed radar cruise control and a brake hold function. To provide improved steering feel and facilitate the incorporation of additional safety and convenience features, Tacoma will now have electric power steering.

2024Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro0242024 Toyota Tacoma TRD ProToyotaTacoma now features suspensions tuned specifically to each grade. For instance, TRD Sport has red TRD sport-tuned shocks for a more responsive feel. The TRD Off-Road grade is equipped with monotube Bilstein remote reservoir shocks for extended wheel travel and greater heat dissipation and includes an end stop control valve (ESCV) that provides increased damping force as the suspension comes closer to full bound stroke.

TRD Pro comes fitted with FOX’s new QS3 three-way adjustable internal bypass shocks with remote reservoirs for improved high speed off-road performance and FOX Internal Floating Piston (IFP) rear bump stops to improve bottom out feel.

The new Trailhunter grade includes new Old Man Emu (OME) 4×4 Suspension by ARB that is tuned for optimum levels of off-road control and load carrying capability. Limited grade features a new Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system that constantly adjusts damping forces based on changing road conditions. The linear-solenoid-type AVS system features built-in actuators in the front and rear shock absorbers to continuously change damping force based on road conditions to give the new Tacoma a smooth and luxurious ride.

An all-new available front stabilizer bar disconnect increases flex at the push of a button. With the front stabilizer bar disconnected, Tacoma’s articulation increases by 10 percent compared to the previous-gen truck. The electronic stabilizer bar disconnect will even be compatible with Toyota-approved lift kits.

Maximum towing capacity for Tacoma is rated at 6,500 lbs. on SR5 i-FORCE and TRD PreRunner XtraCab grades, and maximum payload increases to 1,709 lbs. on TRD Off-Road.

All the Latest Tech Inside

The all-new Tacoma is filled with the latest technology and information screens that bring significant updates to the cabin.

A new 8-inch or available 14-inch multimedia touchscreen displays Toyota’s latest audio multimedia system that debuted on the 2022 Tundra pickup and is designed and engineered by Toyota’s Texas-based Connected Technologies team.

With several available cameras on the new Tacoma, TRD Off-Road, TRD Pro, and Trailhunter drivers can view potential obstacles on the trail via the Multi-Terrain Monitor that can display crisply on the available 14-inch touchscreen.

The multimedia system supports wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility, and pairs well with the available Qi wireless charging pad with enhanced power output. A USB-C data and charging port is integrated on the right side of the display, and dual USB-C charging ports are included in the front row and available for the rear passengers. A 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with four different styles is standard on higher grades while a 7-inch gauge cluster is standard on lower grades.

Standard on all grades is a Smart Key System with push-button start. With an active Remote Connect trial or subscription, an available Digital Key connects with compatible smartphones to allow vehicle entry, tailgate access, and vehicle starting (4G network dependent).

The Digital Key can also be remotely shared with others to give more control over vehicle access rather than giving someone the physical key. Additionally, a Smart Card key is available, which is a credit card-sized smart key that allows the driver to carry their key easily and conveniently with them wherever they go.

2024Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro SAC004

2024Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Studio009Six speed manual is available on 2024 Tacoma.Toyota

2024Toyota Tacoma TRD Pre Runner009Rear seatback can also fold down flat for additional loading surface.Toyota

2024Toyota Tacoma TRD Pre Runner0042024 TRD PreRunner

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