This 1948 Peterbilt doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon

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Updated Jan 26, 2018

1948 Peterbilt

Check out Iron Horse Trucking’s 1948 Pete in the video below looking strong and sounding off with its Jake brake in Washington State where it’s hauling logs down a dirt road.

“Now I want to restore one just like it!” writes YouTube viewer Jim Walkable. “Sweet rig. Old Pete’s never die! They just get better!”

Pete admirer Hank Schrader writes, “Hummin’ Cummins. Nothing better than a big cam!”

In the comments that follow at least one viewer points out that the engine’s turbo clearly is not a hallmark of a 70-year-old truck. Well, even if it’s had a heart transplant, it’s still impressive to watch and proof positive that giving new life to an old truck may not only attract plenty of attention for a business, but can also prove to be a real money-saver.