Transportation Secretary LaHood changes mind, plans to step down
Wayne Grayson | January 29, 2013

After telling Bloomberg one week ago that he planned to continue as Transportation Secretary for President Barack Obama’s second term, Ray LaHood has told the Associated Press he will step down.

LaHood was the only Republican left in Obama’s cabinet. The former Illinois congressman said he will remain at his post until his successor is named.

LaHood has gone back and forth on whether he would stay. A 2011 New York Times article reported he would resign this year. He has also declined to comment on whether he would stay. At an inauguration party he said he would stay, but wouldn’t say how long.

In his time with the Obama administration, LaHood took steps to decrease distracted driving, improve roads and bridges and back high-speed rail.

LaHood told the AP he will not run for office in Illinois, saying he believes “you should go out while they’re applauding.”

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