Video: How a Lubricant Supplier Can Help Your Construction Business

Contractors don’t often give much thought to the supplier of the lubricants for their construction equipment. So in this episode of The Dirt, we focus on what contractors are missing by not taking advantage of the many resources their supplier can provide beyond just selling a product.

Host Bryan Furnace sits down with Tom Gauerke, national accounts manager for Chevron Lubricants, to discuss how building a relationship with your lubricant supplier can help your business over the long run.

Most contractors don’t know that beyond selling products, suppliers can also help make the right product choices as well as help with proper storage, inventory management, preventing equipment breakdowns and lowering costs.

They will even conduct site visits and help train employees on proper lubrication practices.

So check out the latest episode of The Dirt to find out how you can get the most out of your lubricant supplier and keep your equipment healthy.

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