Video: How Drones Can Save Contractors Lots of Money

In this episode of The Dirt, we take a look at drones and how they can save contractors money for a relatively small upfront cost.

Host Bryan Furnace interviews Zach Pieper, co-owner and director of operations for Quantum Land Design, which prepares and manages 3D models for machine control systems for contractors.

Most of the firm’s contractor customers use drones for making better decisions on their projects. They can fly a project site and accurately determine the amount of materials to be removed or added, as well as eliminate costly mistakes. The drone-captured data helps contractors when convincing project owners of additional costs, as well as providing proof of the work done. It can also help when bidding projects. And the data can be entered directly into GPS machine control systems for guiding equipment.

The low price of drones, surveying and data processing might also surprise contractors. And the savings can be huge, more than covering the initial investment. Drone surveying is also not as complicated as contractors might think. Contractors can be as hands-on with the drones or outsource the service and data processing, depending on what makes most financial sense for them.

“They’re making better decisions with the data,” Pieper says of contractors. “…I don’t think it’s something contractors need to be afraid of.”

Pieper also offers advice on how contractors can get started with drones, the estimated costs and the amount of time needed for surveying with them, as well as processing the data and where to look for help.

Contractors interested in entering the drone world or who are seeking more guidance should check out this latest episode of The Dirt.

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