Video: Silent Efficiency Killers Hiding in Your Construction Business Operations

Updated Jul 20, 2022

As construction businesses scale and grow, they must remain efficient in their operations and processes to ensure maximum profitability.

But as contractors, we often relate efficiency to the jobsite. What equipment and people do we need to complete the project faster and be more productive?

Meanwhile, silent efficiency killers may be lurking in your office – plans, change orders, RFIs – the list goes on.

In this episode of The Dirt, we hear from Troy Guevera, construction technologist for software implementation and consulting firm Digitek Solutions. He shares the red flags that construction business owners should look for when identifying operational roadblocks that are creating frustration and stalling growth.

“The issue hasn’t been that we’re not willing to adopt new technology, it’s that we don’t trust that technology,” says Guevera. “With anything on the office side, you’re trusting your financials to a piece of software that you don’t even know how it works.”

Guevara and host Bryan Furnace discuss:

  • Creating systems to uncover inefficiencies
  • Improving communication between the office and field
  • Why a neutral, third-party partner may be better suited to identify issues
  • And what to consider when hiring a construction technology consultant

By identifying and fixing the drivers of your inefficiencies in your construction business, you can get out of the race to the bottom and start selling the value you bring to the table.

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